Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Old Deer Silver Antlers

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Old Deer Silver Antlers - Corian- Sun (yellow)

Old Deer Silver Antlers - Corian- Sun (yellow)

The antlers for Old Deer come from sustainably managed wild red deer herds and the stalkers carefully select and prepare each set of antlers. The antlers are then taken for silver plating in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter before being mounted on yellow shield with an attachment suitable for hanging on your wall.

Each one is as unique as the deer from which it came - clues to the habitat and life cycle of the stag are recorded in the shape and size of the antlers. Many of the antlers are polished in places where the stag rubs them to sharpen their tips for the rut and some may even be scratched and have the odd broken point if they belonged to a particularly feisty beast. The silver then provides a lustrous uniform decorative coating that brings the texture forward without hiding any of the imperfections, which make each beautiful Old Deer unique.

Dimensions: Varies (as is organic) from 550mm x 500mm x 300mm to as large as 950mm x 900mm x 650mm

£1,035.56(inc VAT)

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