Friday, February 18, 2011

e-Business - Software as a Service

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Many business owners and executives are unaware at the vast potential within the online landscape for boosting profits, saving money, increasing geographical reach, faster return on investments and the most importantly keeping up with your competitors. If you’d like to discuss any bespoke requirements please get in touch.

Our hosted business solutions are outlined below, click a link to go straight to it.

  1. Software as a Service

  2. Hosted Email Exchange

  3. Hosted File Storage

  4. Hosted Voice-over-IP Telephony

Software as a Service

Radweb’s SaaS solutions are web-based applications that run various aspects of business built upon the most up to date technologies in database management systems. Our system is modular and deployed according to your busines requirements. Examples of applications built using our SaaS framework include:

  • Retail Management System with EPOS (Electronic Point-of-Sale) Touch-Screen Terminals

  • Customer Relationship Management system

  • Stock Inventory Management ERP

  • Materials Order Processing and Installations Management

  • Sales, Invoicing & Payroll system

Our SaaS services are built according to specification, therefore are preceeded by a requirements discovery excercise. Thereafter, we charge a fixed monthly license fee for unlimited use of the system. Enquire for more personalised information benched against your business case.



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