Wednesday, February 16, 2011

e-Marketing - Managed Pay-per Click

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The success of your website depends on driving qualified leads to your landing pages. Therefore, beyond production is where the opportunity in maximising sales revenue truly opens up.

Radweb’s integrated e-Marketing programmes drive high volumes of well targeted customers to your website, providing the maximum opportunity to increase sales, service and brand awareness.

Our specialist team work month to month on continually developing digital media and driving unique, qualified traffic using a range of mediums and methods, some of which are outlined below:

  1. Keyword Research

  2. Natural Search Engine Marketing

  3. Managed Pay-Per-Click

  4. Social Marketing & Development

  5. Press Article Copy & Distribution

Managed Pay-Per-Click

Radweb are a Certified Google Advertising Professional. We run professional, global, managed pay-per-click campaigns for a broad range of clients including upmarket property developers, dance teachers, many diverse eCommerce websites and other interactive services, exceeding £10,000 in monthly click spend with average conversion rates of 4-12%.

Professionally managed pay-per-click campaigns make an enormous difference when competing against other high spenders, and assists your team in finding opportunities through continual research, analysis and optimisation – leading to the highest possible return on investment coupled by aggressive brand awareness.

Account Setup & Deployment

  • Identify Account Goals & Estimate Targets

  • Conversion Analysis & Review

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Seasonal Trend Analysis

  • Keyword Research (including negatives)

  • Initial Campaign Budgets Estimated

  • Define Campaign & Adgroup Structure

  • Campaign/Groups Creation & Setup

  • Advert Copy (compelling adtext writing)

  • Landing Page Selection/Creation

  • Analytics Integration & Conversion Tracking

  • Account Activation & £50 voucher

Ongoing Daily PPC Management

  • Budget Analysis

  • Conversion/ROI Analysis

  • Keyword Analysis – cost, positioning, new keyword opportunities

  • Negative Keyword Research

  • A/B Testing of; keywords, adcopy, landing pages

  • Landing Page Optimisation – Creation, copy,

  • Monthly Reporting

  • Detailed analysis, Performance against targets. Identification of actionable metrics to enhance account performance

* Pay Per Click incurs additional click-costs (cost per visitor), paid directly to networks (eg Google/Bing).

Websites are wholly scored by their visitor count vs conversion rate, therefore we always recommend any investment to increase visitors, as once we have optimised a site it becomes a numbers game.


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