Sunday, November 28, 2010

DelilahCertifiedSMCoach Figuring it Out Isn't What Helps Us Change, Letting Go Is

Figuring it Out Isn't What Helps Us Change, Letting Go Is


Lester used to say that "why questions aren't wise". He said this because he knew that this question was just another way to hold onto a feeling, pattern, problem or an isssue. We have to hold onto the feeling, pattern, problem, or issue in order to study it.

What's so lovely about releasing is that insight often comes without effort. If we keep releasing on the thoughts and feelings that appear around each thing that comes up, insight will come without expending the energy of even one single brain cell. Having said that, I would add that insight doesn't change us so much. As a practicing psychotherapist I can say with conviction that knowing why something happens doesn't keep it from happening. I know this is a funny thing to say for someone whose whole line of work is thought to be about gaining insight. In my experience, knowing why we procrastinate, overeat, or get angry doesn't stop us from doing these things. In some ways the understanding or insight can even support or justify the unwanted behavior.

On the other side, when insight emerges, we see with what else we have to let go. If we use any insight that emerges as another thing to let go then insight can be useful. Allowing the releasing to uncover what needs uncovering is a lot easier and much more efficient than spending time searching the mind for answers.

So while insight has its purpose, letting go is what really helps us to experience the unlimited beingness that we are.

Keep letting go into flow,



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