Monday, November 1, 2010


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Graduate unemployment hits 17-year high

More than one in 10 graduates are unemployed six months after leaving university at the moment – the highest proportion in 17 years. So is going to university a waste of money?

Would you pay £6,000 a year for an undergraduate education only to be unemployed at the end of it?

This week, a poll by the Higher Education Careers Services Unit found that a greater number of new graduates are unemployed six months after leaving uni than at any other time in the past 17 years.

Yet most universities are set to charge £6,000 a year after a recent Government review recommended abolishing the current cap on fees to avert a higher education funding crisis. The move means most graduates will leave university at least £18,000 in debt – and that’s if they go to an average university and don’t take on any further debt to pay for their living costs.


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