Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let Go of Wanting and Have

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http://www.lettinggo.tv There are many commonly reported benefits as you let go, and they occur in four main areas. The first area is an increase in wealth and abundance. The next one is a decrease in stress and tension, anxiety and a decrease in ill health.

The next one is the feeling of more love and acceptance and beauty and connectiveness in your relationships. And the last one is just an overall increase in your sense of wellbeing, happiness, aliveness. And this may come all at once as you let go or it may be very gradual. And one of the things you'll notice is as you let go, you'll have something we call games. And what a game is simply is a positive change in behavior, a positive change in attitude, a problem that gets resolved or you're just simply feeling better. And all of those things relate to those four topics, but they also relate to everytime you let go, there's the potential for either small incremental changes for the positive or huge breakthroughs.

And so what I recommend you do is apply letting go on your life. The more you apply it, the more you'll get out of it. Also, visit lettinggo.tv and comment below.
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