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The success of your website depends on driving qualified leads to your landing pages.

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The success of your website depends on driving qualified leads to your landing pages. Therefore, beyond production is where the opportunity in maximising sales revenue truly opens up.

Radweb’s integrated e-Marketing programmes drive high volumes of well targeted customers to your website, providing the maximum opportunity to increase sales, service and brand awareness.

Our specialist team work month to month on continually developing digital media and driving unique, qualified traffic using a range of mediums and methods, some of which are outlined below:

  1. Keyword Research

  2. Natural Search Engine Marketing

  3. Managed Pay-Per-Click

  4. Social Marketing & Development

  5. Press Article Copy & Distribution

Keyword Research

Each business is unique, and as such each customer is unique in the context of the business. The first step in effectively formulating an impactive web presence and making a success of your website is to make sure you’re producing the right, relevant content that your audience will be looking for, and targeting the right keywords.

Radweb know that search engine success needs to be based on a long-term strategy. Your basic keywords start as the theme in developing research data, once we know what the base target keywords are we can generate a list of semantically linked phrases and select based on criteria falling under 4 categories:

  • Relevance

  • Traffic

  • Competition

  • Commerciality

By running keywords through our various tools and web services we can identify the ‘golden nugget’ keywords, that is, those that will give your website the maximum potential for lead generation, leaving your website to take over in converting those leads into customers.


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