Thursday, November 11, 2010

Positive Thinking is Not That Positive

Amplify’d from I have some breaking news for you. Positive thinking isn't really that positive. What most of us do when we're trying to simply think positively is we might be feeling like this inside or like this, but we're putting a happy face on top and it doesn't work. When you simply put a happy face on top of your problems, they're still there. They haven't gone anywhere. But if you allow yourself to let go of your anger, your fear, your frustration, all the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs, then the mind naturally thinks more positively without you efforting at it. And it just accelerates, it gets easier and easier and easier to hold in mind a positive outcome.

Plus, not only does your mind get more positive, it gets quieter and you become much quieter with your mind. So as you allow yourself to let go, you'll find that everything turns around and it's much easier and trying to force yourself to have positive thoughts. So go to and find out how you can do this for yourself and comment below.

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